Knit Show is a ideal platform to link manufacturers and buyers, streamlining the sourcing process in order to save your valuable time and giving you an edge in the ever increasing competitive business. Knit Show is India's biggest garment accessory and process show featuring a gamut of products and services in the textile and garment sphere. A constructive forum for the exhibitors to make new in-roads into the market through interaction and first-hand experience.

Knit Show, organized at Tirupur, the knit wear hub of India, is poised to take a leap in terms of both number and quality of the participants. Knit Show 2016 is expected to host over 300 exhibitors from various spheres of textile industry and also from different parts of the country. Thus it presents a unique promotion programme, molding a strategic alliance between manufacturers and buyers of quality accessories, machinery and other in-puts.

Since inception in the year 2000, Knit Show has stayed focused on accomplishing the aim of delivering the highest standards of services customer expect. Year 2016 will witness the 14th edition of Knit Show, an extravaganza that exhibits accessories and machineries that play a vital role in enhancing the quality of the knit / woven garments. Building on the most enthusiastic response of the participants in all our 13 events, we are getting geared up with our long experience and best efforts to enable you take off your business to higher growth levels.

Many industry experts have acclaimed Knit Show as a right platform to increase the prominence of the brand. Knit Show is expected to draw a large number of visitors from Tirupur and other neighboring textile centers like Coimbatore, Karur, Erode, Salem, Madurai business centers' in Kerala as well as mega cities like Chennai, Bangalore and Hyderabad. So, be there to explore, discover and make an edge in your business. Be where your buyers are! Be from where you can begin confident strides in your business!.